The Internet’s Best Time Waster

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time giving up old school ways of doing things. If I’m looking for something in a specific size, I write the size down and stick it in my purse. I have a perfectly good cell phone, with a handy notepad where I could store all of this important information, such as the size of filter my furnace requires, but instead I jot it down on my hand, an envelope or a scrap piece of paper as we hustle out the door to the hardware store. I have it handy for that particular trip but inevitably, I need it on an impromptu trip 2 months later and by then I’ll have long since thrown the scrap of paper away so I’ll stand in the aisle staring at the various filter sizes and brands, racking my brain to try and recall what size I bought previously.

I do the same thing with magazines. If I find a recipe I like, I cut it out. I still own a recipe box that’s brimming with magazine pages, index cards and recipes written in my grandmother’s shorthand that I’ll never throw away no matter how old and worn those cards get. But here’s why my system is probably bizarre; I’m on the cusp of being considered a Millennial; a GenY’er. I’m 31 years old. I was the first generation to be almost completely raised utilizing technology. We had computer class from kindergarten on, we played Oregon Trail and died of dysentery, we knew the Dewey Decimal System but had an electronic catalog as well. We learned how to keyboard but still had to wait until our mom was done on the phone to use the Internet. I’m convinced my generation is probably the most well-rounded because we actually had to learn how to use a map but we’re also proficient in Mapquest.

As much as I have been led to technology, I’m slow to embrace it. I didn’t jump on the tablet train until this year. I got my first smartphone in 2010, which isn’t THAT far behind, but it was a BlackBerry and I’m still carrying around an iPhone4. Not a 4s, just a 4. At work, I’m very well versed on the latest technology and I’m good enough that I teach it to my peers. I spend hours learning and understanding the newest ways to do things. By the end of the day, I could care less what’s happening on snapchat! Plus there’s the tiny matter of me being quite competitive and a perfectionist. Words With Friends ended badly when I realized my friends are FAR smarter than I am and I’ve never even tried Candy Crush because I could see how that was going to end!! So maybe that’s why it took me so long to jump on the Pinterest train. I opened a Pinterest account years ago when I had a home based jewelry that was promising some great things and cool ideas to market your business using the app. The company never followed through and I let the Pinterest account sit mostly dormant. Until last week. While perusing Facebook, I saw something that someone had posted and I clicked on it. It took my to my Pinterest page, which I had all but forgotten about. I started goofing around, playing with other people’s boards, looking at how things were organized and it hit me….OH MY GOSH, PINTEREST IS LIKE A GIGANTIC, ELECTRONIC RECIPE BOX/MAGAZINE/IDEA BINDER!!

It got ugly from there, folks. Luckily, my phone doesn’t have enough storage on it to update to the iOS 7 version so I can’t download the app (my tablet however is another matter…..) which gives me some built in restraint. I’m hoping by the time I’m due for an upgrade in December, some of this has worn off! Seriously, why did I not do this sooner?! I have weeks worth of dinner ideas, dessert ideas, I have Thanksgiving dinner all but planned, I have so many DIY Christmas ideas my head is spinning…’s like every amazing magazine I’ve ever read has puked all over this website!! My friends have been laughing at me for days, telling me that I’m going to regret ever logging in because I’ll need a 12 step program to quit it. I laughed back at them until I looked at the clock Friday night and it was almost 1:00 am…..oops!

I finally had to admit that I have been bitten by the bug. The Internet Time Waste bug. It comes in many forms from Candy Crush to Facebook to Pinterest and I’ve more or less been able to avoid it until now. I don’t think I need to find a 12 step program yet. Yet. I do know that I’m debating between a wood pallet Christmas tree and a very cool idea where you tape a tree outline to a wall and hang your greeting cards like ornaments. Hmm….maybe I should keep that 12 step idea handy! 😉