The Waiting Game

Okay, confession time. I’m the worst person in the world at being patient. I swear, when patience was being handed out, I got bored in line, got distracted and wandered off because I have zero. I’ve known wives who have handled the off season chaos with a smile, a laugh, totally calm as they waited to know which corner of the country they were moving to, packed a house, kids, various animals and set off without even a hint of sweat on their brow. Every hair in place, makeup unblemished, with no signs of stress. Theeeeeen you have me. So why are we waiting, you may ask? Welp, because hubby just might be back in the saddle!!! 🙂 He interviewed Friday for a head coaching position with a local high school that, to be honest, is the hot mess express at the moment. But it’s nothing a good culture change, some hard work, tough love and creative engineering can’t fix. The problem with this scenario, at least for me, is that it’s Tuesday. And we don’t know anything. TUESDAY, PEOPLE!!! Didn’t the hiring committee spend their entire weekend agonizing over this? Didn’t they lose sleep wondering what defense he would run or why the last coach used his quarterback as his starting safety? (Yes, that’s a real thing, apparently and yes, this is 11 man). No, of course they didn’t, because they have a life and aren’t crazy people. I, on the other hand, am not as chill about this process. I spent Friday night listening as my Coach relived every question and potential scenario they asked him about, Saturday mentally making a list of fundraisers that are must-do’s and Sunday trying to remember where every coach we had ever coached with had ended up in the event the staff needs an overhaul. Yesterday was jumping every time he called me during the day and finally resigning myself, at about 11:30 last night, that no decision would come that day. Today has been much the same, except I also snooped out a few Facebook pages, hoping to see some hint or announcement about a press conference, or timeline for a decision. Nada. Since I’m also not above snooping at the other candidate’s Facebook pages, I did that too. Again, nothing.

So, here I sit. Trying to focus on work, trying to remind myself that things will happen how and when they’re supposed to and it’s completely and totally out of my hands. The best person will, hopefully, get the job and if they determine that it’s not my guy, well, then onto the next. That’s another thing I don’t handle well is him being rejected, but that’s another post for another time! I know I’m going about this all the wrong way. Really I do. I know I should be hoping that the person who can motivate, inspire and get the most out of the kids gets the job. I just think, selfishly of course, that my husband is that person. I see his passion, his commitment and his love for the game and a bunch of kids he hasn’t even met yet. I don’t understand how they can’t see what I see! But, there’s the downside of being his wife; they DON’T always see what I see. Or maybe they do but it’s not the right fit this time. Or the program needs someone else. I HAVE to remind myself that these are NOT negatives but instead, a message telling us to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, my lack of patience often works against me and with every hour that creeps by (seriously, how is it ONLY TUESDAY?!), I go through every imaginable scenario in my mind, no matter how ridiculous they are. And of course, my husband acts super chill. Drives me nuts. 😉 I know he’s anxious too but he also knows what a basket case he married so he stays calm enough for the both of us! Until a decision is made, I know there’s not much I can do. Except be impatient. And I’m SUPER good at that!


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