So, okay…I had really good intentions of keeping this thing going after the move. Then, life happened. A layoff (me), a new job with insane hours, tons of travel and 6 months of misery (me) a random heart surgery (hubby) and another new job (again, me) have led us here. We’ve been in our new home in Iowa for just over 9 months now and it feel like 9 weeks. Time has absolutely flown! We’ve had some challenges, like the undiagnosed and potentially very fatal heart condition my husband was unknowingly walking around with, but for the most part, it’s been amazing. (Hubby is fine, by the way! Outpatient procedure and a few days at home and he is good as new!!) We’ve had dinner together almost every night, we’ve been to baseball games, hockey games and football games as a family. We road trip for sports, our oldest daughter discovered and fell in love with soapbox derby racing and it’s just all around been a wonderful new chapter for us.

But. There’s always that but. We miss it. As our friends have transitioned this off season and found new opportunities around the country, we have sat back and looked deeply at the last year. There is no doubt that we were put on this earth to influence and lead, my husband especially. He is a coach, 100%. So, knowing that, we’re hoping to find the next adventure. He is talking with some folks and looking at some opportunities at some local high schools. As much as he didn’t want to go to a high school, he absolutely loves all the extra time he’s had with our girls, and college simply doesn’t allow much for family time, especially during season. So, we’re talking and thinking and praying. We’re letting things happen as they need to and not rushing anything. But we’re all excited to get back at it. To say we miss the coaching life is a massive understatement. So, until things sort themselves out, we’re living a nice, quiet, amazing existence in Iowa.

Good luck in the upcoming spring season to all my sisters! May your weather be warm and your injury list short!


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