It’s That Time…..

It’s almost here, folks!! SPRING!! With it means flowers blooming, trees budding, sun, warm weather and, of course SPRING BALL!! Whether it’s Spring Training in baseball or your local college team knocking off some mothballs after a long (for some of us, it’s felt REALLY long) winter, we are officially in countdown mode!! With spring comes something else in college football family land….moving. Coaches are nomadic by profession and, by extension, so are their families. We lost a fabulous coach this offseason to a much larger, much more recognized school. His wife is here until the summer and then she too is on her way to bigger and better things. While I will miss them immensely, it got me thinking. This is scary. My husband and I don’t have a traditional relationship. I met him AFTER he began coaching. I owned my own home and we’ve been fortunate to be in one place for quite some time. Despite being let go when our former head coach retired, he was quickly picked up by the new staff and retained so moving has not been an issue for us yet. That brings me to the point of this blog:


If you’ve lived in one place for more than 5 minutes and have kids, you probably have stuff too. Lots and lots of stuff. I was looking around recently and realized I need to do some serious spring cleaning. We still have crib sets from my daughters when they were babies. They are now 6 and almost 9. Pretty sure I don’t need those anymore….why I’ve held onto them so long is a mystery but one thing I know is that they can’t stay any longer. No, we’re not moving (I don’t think) but when we do, I will most likely be flying solo. Do I want to pack up 9 years’ worth of clutter, art projects, old blankets and the hodgepodge of dishes we own? Nope. Sure don’t. As I was pondering this fact, a friend of mine posted a link to her Facebook that seemingly answered a lot of my questions. It’s called the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge and it looks easy enough, even for someone as busy as I am. The premise is, you pick one spot per day for 40 days and de-clutter it. It can be a drawer, a shelf, an entire room, your freezer, the pantry, whatever you want. And it can be any size bag from a grocery store plastic bag to a heavy-duty contractor’s bag. There is no set rule as to what you have to do with the stuff as long as it leaves your house. I know exactly where I’m going to start. I’ve been sorting clothes and old toys for an upcoming consignment sale and as of now, they’re kind of tossed into a corner. I have a perfectly good Rubbermaid container that’s currently empty but I haven’t taken the time to sort the items into it. I now have a project for tonight! The blog I’m going to link to even has a daily checklist to keep you on track and a Facebook “support group” to join. I know I’m in and hopefully by the time our Spring game rolls around, my house will no longer be the main source of stress in my world! Here is the blog. Happy de-cluttering!!


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