Being Mom

I’ve written this blog from the point of view of a sports wife because I think it’s a side that doesn’t get enough attention. Our role is ever-changing and NEVER boring! Today, I get to write from the mom’s perspective. Our youngest daughter is preparing for her first gymnastics meet ever. We started her in gymnastics when she was 3, at the persistence of my husband’s grandmother. Sadly, she did not live to see her great granddaughter’s love of the sport, but we always remind her of that connection. Gram saw real potential and talent in her and was so excited when we told her she would be starting her lessons. I know she’s watching, but we wish she was here.

As my daughter has been working on her routines over the last many weeks, I have been in awe over how hard she has been working and how much determination she has. She just turned 6 and has already been invited to compete. I had reservations at first, because in my eyes she’s still my baby. She begged me to let her compete and I made her promise that if we decided it was too much, that she would back off. I have not regretted allowing her to pursue her dream. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted at 6 years old. She does. She wants to make her gym’s TOPS program and eventually, earn a spot to train at the US Olympic facility in Texas. She knows this at 6. It blows me away how grown up she can be. And then she tells a joke she learned at school and launches into a 10 minute giggle fit and I remember that yep, she’s STILL only 6!!

Now that the meet is only a couple of days away, I am getting nervous. I wonder if this is how our football moms feel. I’m making a mental checklist of things I need to remember (Team leo, check! Warm ups, check!), obsessing over what I need to do at home to make the place look somewhat presentable for my dad who is going to check on our animals and reminding myself that we’re only going to be gone overnight, I shouldn’t freak out this much. 🙂 It’s so much harder to be the mom. As the wife, I know what preparation has gone into things, I have listened to the scouting report all week and although they are like my boys, they are not MY boys. This is a totally different feeling. It’s scary but it’s exciting. I’m trying to embrace it and enjoy it and NOT panic. 🙂


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