What You’re Worth

Monday: Gymnastics; Tuesday: Soccer; Wednesday: Gymnastics; Thursday: Soccer; Friday: Family Night; Saturday: Football; Friday: Flag football. Look familiar? I’m sure that lineup looks like many of yours during this time of the year. Some, if not most of us, also work a full time job, plus we have to squeeze in dishes, laundry, cleaning, friends, family and date night in that time. It’s exhausting. It’s doubly exhausting when your husband is gone 120 hours a week. Now, I’m not complaining or whining. Far from it. I have several single mom friends (I was one myself not so long ago) and I have several military spouses. I am in NO WAY comparing my life to theirs. At all.

The point to this post is when you see a schedule like that, it can be daunting. When you throw in a demanding job and subtract your spouse for a significant period of time every week, it’s even worse. It can be draining both emotionally and physically. Since camp started this year, I have been struggling in my personal and professional life. I was sick the entire first week of camp, my dad had a heart attack, my plan for after school care didn’t pan out like it did in my mind, my work clients have been dealing with their own crises, which ultimately end up as my crises and things have just not gone my way recently. Nothing major, but it just seemed like they kept piling up week after week. Which is why last week was so spectacular.

It wasn’t until Thursday that the massive turnaround happened. I work as a legal assistant and many of our clients have little else to do except for worry about their case and call me for updates. Which is fine by me, part of my job is to be a shoulder to cry on and frankly, I rather enjoy it. However, it’s been taxing lately. Things haven’t been moving particularly fast on a few files and people are getting antsy and they’re calling me to let me know their displeasure. At any rate, I was doing some routine follow up work on file late last week and I called a client to update her. She is in a particularly difficult situation involving a tenant and she’s been quite distraught over it. As I was updating her, I could almost feel the weight lifting off her shoulders. When I got done with my update, she could not contain her excitement for how her case is going. She thanked me about a dozen times for being so nice, for believing in her, for just being there for her. It nearly brought tears to my eyes and still does re-living that call. It felt amazing to know what a difference I had made for this person.

Friday was a mediation day, which can be a very emotional experience for clients. Just after lunch, I received a call from the client whose case we were mediating. She was thrilled because her case had finally settled! She was tearfully thanking me and I could hear the joy in her voice. She told me she had even done a “happy dance” after she had left.

It’s those phone calls that make all the hours of pouring over medical records, police reports, documents, internet research and years and years of background information worth it. Those calls don’t normally come in such rapid succession but man, did I ever need them to last week! It refreshed my attitude and gave me a new energy!

I know this blog is about football…but sometimes life gets in the way of our hobbies and this was definitely a breath of fresh air for me! I know there are others who are struggling right now. My advice is to keep the faith, keep working and keep doing what you do. Stop and relax when you can. When that crazy schedule makes you want to scream, remember that you are a rockstar and you CAN do it! Each of us was put on this Earth because we possess a talent. Find it, harness it and do it. Happy Monday everyone and be blessed!!


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