It’s A Family Thing

My husband has a policy that he never lies or hides anything from his players. I wholeheartedly endorse this policy as we have the same policy with our own children. So when the phone rang at 4:30 yesterday morning, I knew we were going to have a day of explaining. As it turns out, my father had suffered a heart attack and was in the ER. That was all I knew as I dressed as fast as I could and scrambled out the door. As I drove to the hospital, I prayed for a positive outcome and strength for my father and my family. After  a fast procedure, it appears my dad is on the mend and is doing very well. After several hours of waiting, pacing, drinking coffee and watching bad morning television, we were finally able to see him. Although he was groggy and didn’t remember much, he was cracking jokes and laughing. That alone brought tears to my eyes! Although I spent the morning with my 2 brothers and sister in law and was in constant contact with my older sister, I was craving a different kind of family. I stopped at practice before heading in to finish some things at the office and instantly, I knew I had made a good choice. Why I chose to stop there I can’t say. As soon as I explained what was happening to the head coach (he only knew my dad had been rushed to the hospital and nothing more), he assured me that this was “only football” and that whatever my husband needed to do he supported 100%. We are SO blessed. This team has a game in 10 days and they only opened camp last week. Many coaches would have been sympathetic but expected my husband to be all hands on deck, which I would have understood but wouldn’t have necessarily liked. My husband had missed morning meetings in order to care for our children while I was at the hospital and had informed the players before practice what he knew at the time. One of his position players came out and sat with me, told me they had prayed for us before practice and gave me a big hug. The other coaches all hugged me as they walked by and my phone almost instantly began to ring with words of support from wives, past players and others at the school. Anyone who says a football team is only a team has never been a part of one. Yesterday filled me with such gratitude and faith and it gave me the strength to keep moving and stay positive. It was exactly what I needed in that moment. I am forever grateful for this different kind of family.


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